Eleven Degrees Daiquiri


Are your daiquiris gluten free and vegan?

Yes, they are both gluten free and vegan with the exception of the White Russian flavor. 

Do you serve virgin daiquiris?

Yes! However, we do not serve our virgin daiquiris to kids. 

Are minors allowed in the shop?

Yes, minors are allowed to be in the shop if accompanied by a parent or guardian purchasing our daiquiris to-go. However, we do not encourage parents to bring children to stay, as the environment caters to adults 21 and over.

How many flavors can I get in a BIG 11 (1/2 Gal)?

There is no limit on how many flavors for our BIG 11.

How many drinks can I order?

We have a 2 drink maximum in shop and to go. One flight is considered one drink.

Can I get drinks to go?

You sure can! Only 2 drinks to go or our BIG 11. 




Can I redeem for cash or withdraw money from an ATM?

No! Please do not try to. 

Can a gift card be deposited into my bank account?

Again, we urge you NOT to.  

Does my gift card expire?

Yes. Gift cards that are inactive for more than a year will be deactivated and are non-refundable. 

Is my gift card refundable?

No. All sales are final 

How much is the activation fee?

There is a $3.00 non-refundable activation fee that covers the purchase and activation. There is no charge to check balance or redeem.

Where can I redeem my gift card?

Only at 11 Degrees Daiquiri!